Friday, February 1, 2013

SOOO Much has happened!

I have been putting off this blog and keep procrastinating my next post.  When I really think about it, its silly.  Writing a blog post is not a huge time commitment and mine are usually so brief and photo heavy they take all of 15 minutes but still I was avoiding it...... But I just had an epiphany that made me feel less like pond scum and more like a shinny penny.  

I have been putting of the blog because SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED and I don't know where to start.  I have gorgeous photos from like 35 weddings to share, all the awesome classes we have been teaching at Bloom Florist Collective and like 20 new products in the now wildly successful Etsy Shop (The Little Flower Soap Co).  I've been procrastinating because I don't know where to start.

And so with no further ado I will skip all three of those items entirely and just tell you about this:

The Double Sweet Valentines Day Pop Up Shop that I am in the throws of planning for.   Here is a preview of some of the flowers ..... I am bringing my A game people read more below

YEAH so that will all be there... at Rock Paper Scissors on Main street from 11am-8pm  I will be offering single stems of garden roses and small and medium vase arrangements ranging in price from $20 to $75.  Larger designs will be available by pre order (call me or email)  

Forget the days where Red Roses communicated passionate love, if you passionately love your valentine give them something more original and outspoken.  Grace their desk with an arrangement that will make the co-workers all stop and investigate...."What is that? and I've never seen such beautiful flowers.

My goal is to have each of the designs be a twist on the Valentines Day tradition: not overly red or overtly roses.  I'm aiming to bring as many seasonal, unusual & epically beautiful flowers as possible to keep all the designs interesting, bright and delightful.  

AND DONT FORGET!! Sweet Heather Anne will be there so it is the perfect one stop shop for Valentines cards and candles from Rock Paper Scissors,  Treats and sweets from Sweet Heather Anne and the all important flowers.  

Drop your dearest at the door park the car and swing by for a single garden rose on your way to dinner SURPRISE!   

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