Friday, July 16, 2010

Moss and Birch Barn Wedding Guest Table preview

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In preparation for my own wedding a pretend guest table/mock up complete with 2 tiny flower arrangements, birch log will be drilled to contain 3 moss green tea lights, real moss table runner, polished black river rock, Ikea nakpkins, and to be added later.... party favors composed of soap "made with love by the bride and groom" 
I'm so excited I could pee on the floor :)

Our wedding will be on August 7th at the barn at Misty Farms on Scio Church Rd. in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Wedding Flowers for Imaginary Bride

sweet pea floral design ann arbor, bride, wedding, bouquet, whimsical Bouquet ranunculus, peonies, stock, crasepedia, bachelor button, buplerum, seeded eucalyptus, blue thistle ,Sea Holly
Yep that's right I just can't see perfectly good flowers left undesigned.  So just like when we were little girls (some us never grew up) I played wedding.  Justin didn't want to play but he took the pictures so that was helpful.  The Bride's name is Cordelia and she looked very whimsical, there were fireworks that might have been for the 4th of July but don't tell Cordelia because she thinks they were for her.  Bouquet features ranunculus, peonies, stock, crasepedia, bachelor button, buplerum.  Arrangement features same but with seeded eucalyptus and blue thistle otherwise known as "Sea Holly"