Monday, October 28, 2013

All Time Favorites from fellow ETSY sellers

Time to share some of my all time favorite etsy purchases lovely handmade things that make me happy everytime I see/use/wear them.  

1: Pencil Pouch  and Purse in Herringbone Wool and Leather by infusion
2: EAT Sign Blue Green: studio724
3: Xerographica Tillandsia Air Plant: toHOLD
4: Abstract Wood Art Sculpture: Treelovegirl
5: Logs print of watercolor: Gollybard
6: Vintage half chambered nautilus: Harmonicajane
7: Vintage Wood Type and Letterpress Custom: angiepea
8: Saints Therese, Padre Pio, Teresa & Joan of Arc: Sanctusstitches
9: Dark Brown Patterned Woolen Socks: Milleta

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wholesale Natural Lip balms and Spa gift sets to EMBELLISH

Wholesale all natural lip balm chapstick and spa soap gift sets with detox bath salts great packaging anthropologie by the little flower soap co on etsy for embellish boutique of Lincoln Nebraska
Recently shipped this wholesale order of natural lip balms and medium spa gift sets to Embellish Boutique of Lincoln Nebraska!! Hope these sell well for you Ashlie!! If you want to purchase from the Little Flower Soap Co Wholesale line send me and email at or click over to the Etsy Shop HERE and see if anything we offer is a fit with your shop! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) Fall Floral Design Happy Feast of St. Therese!

Detroit Institute of arts floral design arrangement  in stone urn ombre fall gem tones deep red burgundy rust orange roses orchids sweet pea floral design Holly Rutt woven ribbon ombre cascade roses st. Therese feast day
 Designed at the Detroit Institute of Arts today for me it was a way to honor this special Feast Day Oct 1st the Feast of St. Therese THE LITTLE FLOWER!! My patron and friend.

St Therese promised to spend heaven doing good on earth and let fall from heaven a shower of roses.  I once prayed to her for help with my job and that very day  woman told me she was leaving her job in the flower shop if I knew anyone that was looking for a job... I got that job, became the manager and you know the rest!!

Thanks St. Therese I am eternally grateful which is why I named my second business The Little Flower Soap Co in her honor.

The arrangement is a fall intense gem tones ombre design that is supposed to flow from rust orange through deep red and to burgundy. the photo really doesn't do it justice because the lighting in the museum washes things out at this particular spot but you get the idea anyway :) ~Holly