Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Woodland bouquets and floral headpieces designed at the Francoise Weeks Workshop

Had the pleasure of taking a Woodland Floral Design class from long time friend and floral genius Francoise Weeks this past fall here are some photos of our woodland designs captured by First Comes Love Photography.  If  you are looking for daily floral inspiration I highly recommend following Francoise on Instagram   and while you are at it follow me too!!

cascading plum mint forest blush and sage textured bridal bouquet by sweet pea floral design ann arbor wedding florist featuring succulents dahlia lace hydrangea wild asymmetrical textured bridal bouquet vines
This bouquet was made using a european bouquet holder and glue techniques that francoise taught all of us in class. includes hanging red amaranths, succulents, lacey leaf hydrangea, burgundy ball dahlia buplerum, wild harvested foliage and sweet pea tendrils
Designing these woodland headpieces was soooooo much fun (just so different) this one included tropical leaves, succulents, and herbs: mint and sage I cut the tips of the leaves off of the tropical foliage and used them to create the feathery front then used the remaining core to make the fan in back.. I was going for a golden spiral/nautilus type movement. 

Sweet Pea Floral Design Ann Arbor Wedding Florist green woodland headpiece botanical hat with succulents herbs and tropicals from franciose weeks workshop

Seriously the techniques that Franciose has developed and shares in her classes make your mind go in a million fun directions.  I highly recommend taking a class if she is ever in your area.