Monday, November 16, 2009

Shining Star Crystal Diamond Ties the Knot

Carly and I traveled to Portland to stand up for our Anna.  My wedding gift was the flowers which we purchased at a near by Whole Foods Market and arranged in Anna's crowded apartment the day before.  Anna made her own dress, I am blessed with such talented and amazing friends!!

P.S. Shining Star Crystal Diamond is the nick name that Carly's adorable little sisters gave Anna when she was here.  I did not get a nick name boo hoo but I was told by Maggie " Did you know the planet Venus is named for a Greek Goddess, the Goddess of Beauty....If I was the Goddess of Beauty I would make you." So there.

Anna met Darren Cools at St. Thomas Aquinas University in Ojai, CA while visiting one of her many great brothers (she has seven).

The wedding was on one of many rainy days in Portland. I suppose all that rain is the reason that the even the rocks are green there. BEAUTIFUL Can't wait to visit again.

The bouquets featured Hydrangea, Ranunculus, Stock, and these amazing pink tulips that had 5 or so layers of petals, opened all the way up to expose a cute fuzzy yellow center. They almost look like miniature poppies but they are tulips scout's honor.

We all sucked in our breath when Anna appeared at the back of the church radiant as the sun. Actually as you can see in this picture she is giving off so much light that it is hard to get a good shot of the flowers :)

I think that the soft Victorian look of these flowers fit really well with the whole event. The reception was held in an adorable old hall on the country side and the music included classical guitar, fiddle and more all played by friends and family,

I knight you lady Daisy of the flower children
Just look at those tulips!! And me in the back wiping my nose??

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cools, We love you to bits and are so glad you found one another (seriously you should have seen the people Anna dated before Darren) (Seriously Seriously that was the pot calling the kettle black)

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