Friday, June 3, 2016

Birthday Flowers, Graduation Flowers, and A Special delivery for Christian Dior

Floral Design Pink bright clean fresh tulips roses hyacinth, peony gerbera daisy Christian Dior Sweet Pea Floral Design Ann Arbor Michigan

This week we had the AMAZING opportunity to send flowers to a special woman on behalf of Christian Dior NY I've always been obsessed with Dior and never more then earlier this year when I had the honor of attending a special viewing of the Dior and I documentary at the DIA  . The pre Flower House event was attended by so many flower enthusiasts adorned in blooms I made the below Dior inspired fresh floral bodice / skirt getup.

wedding centerpiece ann arbor wedding florist sweet pea floral design peony astilbe stock viburnum ranunculus blush ivory pink urn compote vase clear glass garden style

Designed these for a casual birthday garden party the mute blush and ivory pallet is a classic fresh clean arrangement and the peonies were at their peek for this elegant event.  

citrus pinks mix ranunculus roses garden roses hydrangea viburnum vines Sweet Pea Floral Design Ann Arbor Wedding florist

on the same day we worked on these for another birthday but this time a juicer coral pallet with a mix of garden roses, ranunculus, viburnum and wandering vines like passionflower and jasmine vine that we grow and forage ourselves.

Wedding Centerpieces compote urn vase filled with garden roses ranunculus jasmine vine passionflower fine viburnum pink orange blush coral Sweet Pea Floral Design Ann Arbor

These new clear urn vases from Syndicate Sales are such a great option for this amazing cascading centerpieces shape that everyone is in love with.  I prefer it because you can allow the flowers to have their natural drape or movement like they are pouring out of the vase and the vines give it such a wispy wild silhouette.

a third event this weekend included all white hydrangea effortlessly arranged in these white/grey stone urn vases for beloved cousin's baby shower 
white stone urn vase garden style centerpiece white hydrangea Ann Arbor wedding florist sweet pea floral design pictured on mid century modern teak bench with sherwin williams comfort gray walls paint

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