Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fun Floral Alphabet Etsy Product Photo Shoot

Sometimes owning two businesses feels like having a split personality when someone asks "hows the business doing?" I don't know which they are asking about or which to report on.  Occasionally though the businesses intersect like this week when we designed these succulents and american grown floral letters for our newest etsy product photo shoot.

You know how when you are doing something you really enjoy time just flies by?  Thats me making these letter, taking and editing the photos I just LOVE this part of my job (the creative part) and sourcing all of the flowers from my mom's garden makes me feel extra folksy.

You can buy this super natural Tea Tree soap on my etsy shop here Flowers used to make the floral letter include rose buds, anemone buds, black eyed susan eyes, sedum, juniper, and rhododendron.

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