Monday, October 6, 2014

Attending the Sweet Woodruff Fall Retreat

sweet pea floral design detroit ann arbor fall wild harvest bouquet and centerpieces ivory burgundy blush berries at sweet woodruff fall retreat
When my friend Tracy posted a link to the Sweet Woodruff Fall Retreat announcement I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  They had me at "Escape to cottage country" to be honest but I was also enticed by "a flower immersion for flower enthusiasts"

 My expectations were already pretty high after seeing the beautiful work of Lisa Collins (read about Lisa here) and her Sweet Woodruff team.   I don't know why "cottage country made me think of bunk beds and musty old furniture, happy childhood Michigan memories I guess(#upnorth) but that was NOT AT ALL what awaited..... 

It was more like stepping into a cozy Pottery Barn catalog then a drafty Walden log cabin.  At some point Lisa said "Luxury is more about comfort then crystals" and I thought that summed it up pretty nicely... I was inspired to greater floral pursuits but almost more inspired by the hospitality the likes of which I have never known.  

My brain never got a chance to say " you know what would be prefect right now a cup/glass/pint of _______" because 5 seconds before you could have the thought someone handed you a piping hot cup of same.  There is truly an art to entertaining and Lisa and her mom Patty have it down to an effortless science.  The company was delightful, the food was phenomenal and THE FLOWERS:

Wild harvested raspberry, currents (maybe not sure what those red berries I found were) virginia creeper with ranunculus, garden roses, hellebore, privet berries and sweet pea within a rose gold bowl from Hofland

Oh AND I woke up to the loon calls on the lake outside that window there!! Never heard them before its really fun Voices: Common Loon - YouTube

More to share on this when they reveal the  Fine Art Film Photography by When He Met Her (can't wait)!!

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