Monday, October 28, 2013

All Time Favorites from fellow ETSY sellers

Time to share some of my all time favorite etsy purchases lovely handmade things that make me happy everytime I see/use/wear them.  

1: Pencil Pouch  and Purse in Herringbone Wool and Leather by infusion
2: EAT Sign Blue Green: studio724
3: Xerographica Tillandsia Air Plant: toHOLD
4: Abstract Wood Art Sculpture: Treelovegirl
5: Logs print of watercolor: Gollybard
6: Vintage half chambered nautilus: Harmonicajane
7: Vintage Wood Type and Letterpress Custom: angiepea
8: Saints Therese, Padre Pio, Teresa & Joan of Arc: Sanctusstitches
9: Dark Brown Patterned Woolen Socks: Milleta


  1. thank you so much! It's a treat to be included!

  2. So great to see this Holly! These are all lovely things (I especially love those socks!!) xo