Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jade and Coral Garden Party Cake Plate DIY Design with air plants and peony

Jade and coral centerpiece for birthday vintage jade glass cake plate geranium, jade, peony, coral, rose, green gypsy dianthus, green jumbo hydrangea, curly willow, succulents lots of texture Sweet Pea Floral Design Detroit Wedding Florist ann arbor

It is always so fantastic to hear that a bride our couple were thrilled with their wedding flowers but no complement feels more sincere then when they come back for more... Which is what Danielle Behr did this summer when it came time to plan her father's 50th Birthday garden party... The party was Coral and Jade themed but of course this was a birthday budget not a bridal budget so I had the inspiration to make a faux jade glass cake plate DIY
DIY cake plate from dollar store candle sticks and plates sprayed jade with krylon spray to look like vintage jade glass cake stand
The overall look of the 6 centerpieces was wildly textured including succulents jade, air plants (tillandsia) jumbo green hydrangea, scented geranium leaf curly willow gypsy dianthus and featuring coral peonies and coral roses.  Here it is pictured on the rustic reclaimed wood pallet coffee table that my dad made :) 


  1. Loveky! Did you design with a frog without water? Or totally hide some kind of bowl?

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I used a 9" clear plastic designer dish and floral foam I think the dish is by Oasis :)

  3. *Lovely!

    Hi Holly!
    Thanks for the reply. Great to know, thank you!

  4. Gorgeous! And the cake plate is so creative!