Monday, May 21, 2012

Coral and Peach Peonies for Ann Arbor City Club Wedding

Sweet pea floral design ann arbor detroit michigan peach coral peony peonies centerpiece in teal blue mason jar for ann arbor city club wedding peach peony cake topper coral ranunculus peach ranunculus astilbe scabiosa pods, maidenhair fern, anemone black center, wedding flowers michigan's best wedding florist

A Huge Thank you to Kelly of Mayesh in LA for combing the flower market until she found us just the right coral and peach peony, ranunculus, and astilbe!! The peach peony on the cake and the design top right left me breathless when I opened that box.  It was nice to dust of the teal mason jars for their first appearance of many this year.  How simple and beautiful is that ruffle cake? Does anyone know who the baker is, I would love to share a link here.

So the recipe for anyone intrested: Maidenhair fern, sweet pea, anemone (white with black center) ranunculus, scabiosa flower, scabiosa pods, astilbe and ..............PEONIES!!

Congratulations Keri it was an honor to design for your big day ~Pea

P.S. the bright naturally lit venue is the Ann Arbor City Club


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  2. Lovely wedding flowers! If you need peonies for June weddings this year please reach out to us. We are close to Ann Arbor and you can save by buying direct from the peony grower!

  3. Thanks Bridgewater Gardens! Will do