Thursday, April 5, 2012

sweet pea floral design michigan wedding florist milk glass compote white anemone black center blue and green centerpiece delphinium, viburnum, orchid, ranunculus, maidenhair fern, jasmine vine, vintage u of m wedding, the michigan league
sweet pea floral design ann arbor michigan detroit u of m wedding flowers centerpiece tall white distressed wood  pillar holder florist blue green garden rose maidenhair fern jasmine vine holly rutt
Full confession, after a long winter without much designing I was afraid I wouldn't remember how.  Irrational fears sometimes get the best of me.  The cool part was that it created this nervous excitement like the day before your first high school dance, i couldn't sleep that well and I was waiting by the door for my floral delivery all day like a puppy dog.  Of course my hands remembered how it went thank God!

These two designs were a demo for a May wedding that will be at the Michigan League in Ann Arbor.  The charming bride to be Carmen has such perfect taste! Milk glass compotes filled with viburnum, mini green hydrangea, white anemone, ranunculus, jade dendrobium orchids, hybrid delphinium accented with maidenhair fern and jasmine vine.   The distressed white wood pillar holders are from Pier One .

Don't give in to irrational fears that you can't do something.  I forget this more often than I remember.   Every time I go salsa dancing I think that I will be so out of practice no one will want to dance but as soon as the music starts I prove myself wrong. Speaking of which if you care to dance you should try Sangria Sky Club on a Wednesday night.


  1. Do you order your flowers from a local or online source? I live in LA and go to the wholesale flower mart all the time, but you get things that I've never seen in my life! I'm so curious as to where they come from.

  2. Hi Danielle! If you are in LA you should be able to get all sorts of things that I cant!! You need a resale license to order from a wholesaler but if you have one you should checkout Mayesh and Florabundance both headquartered in your hood :)

  3. You are the MOST talented! Such an inspiration to me!

  4. Right back attcha sister :) Love those brass urn designs from Feb