Saturday, February 18, 2012

Everlasting Arrangement in Aged Stone Urn Vase

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The ladies at Studio 110 have been asking me for an everlasting arrangement and I finally found the time this week.  I'm pretty tickled with the results, as silks go this one looks pretty organic.  I'm also super psyched for the aged stone urn vases which I have added to my rental inventory for wedding centerpieces EKK!! Also added........ lots and lots of milk glass vases which I will photograph someday soon. ~Pea 


  1. Whenever I look for everlastings, they look so fakey. Where's the place to get them?

    1. I think it is beat to always keep a sharp eye. I find one realistic silk here and one there until I have a big enough collection to work from. I haven't found one company that mastered the craft yet. has some really nice looking ones but the nice looking ones are soooo expensive like 12 a stem! Good luck