Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Florist Shane Connolly (here's a shock he is a man)

I really liked Kate Middleton's bouquet which was simple small and understated including Myrtle planted from Queen Victoria's bouquet in 1840 and still going strong.  The bouquet also had hyacinth, lily of the valley and sweet william (how appropriate and cutsie). 

Designed by Shane Connolly the official florist to HRM and a man.  What is up with the Paul Mitchells and Shane Connollys snatching all the lime light in lady dominated industries? (sorry for the mini rant)

Lovely bouquet all the same, she placed it on the grave of a WWI soldier rather than tossing it, classy lady.


  1. continuing the tradition: Queen Elizabeth placed her wedding bouquet on the grave of the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey, I believe.

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