IMG_9976IMG_9927This cute box from The Little Flower Soap Co. includes homemade lavender scented soap, bath salts, moisturizer, and lip balm- all made with aromatherapy grade essential oils and 100% natural. An at home spa day isn’t complete without a soothing bubble bath. Valentines Day is right around the corner and a spa package would be a perfect Valentines Day gift!IMG_9960IMG_0020editedIMG_0091IMG_0238IMG_0270IMG_0187There are so many ways to pamper yourself in winter, and they don’t have to involve going to an expensive spa. Of course, one of the most pleasurable ways to pamper yourself is with beauty treatments. If you enjoy these, why not have a beauty evening at home? This is a great and cheap way of pampering yourself. Switch off the phone, and spend the time soaking in the bath, giving yourself a pedicure, and putting on a face mask.