Friday, January 6, 2017

The Little Flower Soap Co : What we do and why we do it

 The Mission Statement

The dreaded and beleaguered mission statement, I wrote dozens of fake ones when I was studying "business management" at  in college.  I was made to memorize one as an employee at Whole Foods and I've attempted countless times to write one for my businesses without ever landing on something I remotely liked.  They always come out sounding inauthentic which disgusts me so I avoid them.

However recently I've been reading an Authentic and highly inspiring book by local author Ari Weinzwig   A Lapsed Anarchist's Approach to the Power of Beliefs in Business  I can get behind some authentic beliefs in business and so I steeled my nerves and got out my hot pen to answer once again those age old questions 

What we do & Why we do it?

WHAT: We make essential oil soaps, lip balms, salves & salts that are beautifully packaged, smell wonderful and really work.

WHY: We do it because people in our families and communities swear by our elevated versions of these everyday necessities..because they look, work and smell better than store brands.

We believe small things Handmade with care and character add joy and appreciation to daily routines.  We do it to have something to offer to our neighbors and friends, to feel like part of our community, to contribute value to our tribe.  We do it again and again because we continue to receive requests, re-orders, and rave reviews.  

We are full of pride in our ability to add value, interest and character to the routines of our beloved customers

We believe our little creations are charming and full of character, that they brighten a room with their enticing natural scent and contribute to the sacred maintenance of the temple (our bodies).  

We believe in using PLANT BASED ingredients because we believe that everything the body needs for rejuvenation can be found in plant form.  We are fascinated with flowers, foliages, roots and the healing powers found within each plant.  

We acknowledge that the skin is the largest organ of the body and that avoiding chemicals as as important in body care as it is in nutrition.  

We believe that just as colorful garden veggitables can improve your health and boost your energy, fragrent essential oils, nut butters, and herbal infusions can bring health and energy to our minds and bodies

What does Quality mean to us?

Quality is what sets us apart from other soap makers.  It is attention to many small details each individually seems unimportant but when the whole comes together and each detail has been attended to it takes your breath away.  Each label is straight, centered + smooth each bow is even and plump each recipe is made following the measurements to a T each soap is neatly cut, cleaned and wrapped as though it were a gift for a king

Each and every small lip balm, salve, tin, soap & ribbon, each and every order is handled with the same care as thought it were shipping to God himself.  We cut no corners and believe whole heartedly that this is the "Secret to our Success"